The Difference between Wood and Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it is wood or laminate, these cabinets virtually perform the same functions and utility. According to custom cabinet maker MN experts, deciding which one to use depends a lot on cost, durability and maintenance factors.  If you are in the market for kitchen cabinets and cannot decide whether to go solid wood or laminate, this article may help in your decision-making.

Anatomy of the Cabinet

According to kitchen cabinets Elk River Minnesota experts, wood cabinets are not made entirely out of solid wood materials. It is actually a blend of plywood and hardwood. Laminate cabinets on the other hand are constructed with medium density laminate which is a combination of wood byproducts as well as resin that is fused together using hydraulic pressure and heat.

Which one Lasts Longer

If properly cared for wooden kitchen cabinets last longer than the laminate variety. While laminate in itself is already quite tough, issues happen when edge or corners lift slightly. Once the bond breaks beneath the laminate, problems only get worse and can be quite a challenge to reattach. The problem becomes more complicated once high humidity causes the laminate to become loose at a quicker pace.

Wood on the other hand can contract or expand depending on humidity they can be repaired quickly.  This only is a real problem with raised panel doors but with most other types of cabinet doors there is little to worry.  While the edge of wood cabinets may break or blunt, they can easily be sanded and repaired to original form.


If there is a single most important differentiating factor between the two it most likely would be appearance. While both can be considered durable and functional, wood often has the advantage in terms of style and tradition. Laminate are easy to purchase in different designs but real wood just looks more natural. Laminate cabinets often have sharp edges while wooden ones are more rounded and hence feel better. Laminate singularly has a clinical and utilitarian appeal but wood reflects warmth and home-like atmosphere.


While laminate cabinets may be the cheaper one between the two, in the long run if you are selling a home the added value gained by having good quality custom solid wood cabinets will add more resale value to your property.