How to Deep Clean your Kitchen Cabinets without Breaking a Sweat

Kitchens are the best place to have food, conversation and just about anything under the sun. With the amount of foot traffic most kitchens get, it is often the area that requires a lot of cleaning.  However, most folks tend to forget or neglect the quiet kitchen cabinets that collect grime, dust, dirt and grease. Over time, the mixture results in tacky glue like substance that can be quite challenging to remove.  Here is how to deep clean kitchen cabinets without breaking a sweat.

Regular Maintenance

Why wait for all that dirt and grime to accumulate? According to custom cabinet maker Maple Grove experts, the key to cleaning your kitchen cabinets is simple regular maintenance. Most cabinet types such as wood, laminate, plastic or metal can be cleaned using a simple solution of dish soap and some warm water.  Most of the time, this mixture can remove food smudges, dust and some mild grease that has collected. Dish soap is an excellent degreaser. When cleaning your kitchen cabinets do not forget the sides and edges. Do use another clean cloth on this area prior to drying with a final clean cloth.  An all-purpose cleaner may be used with same results.

Heavy Buildups

If you have neglected your kitchen cabinets for quite awhile and are looking at some heavy buildup of dust and grease, custom cabinet maker Champlin  recommend using commercial cleaner specifically designed on wood kitchen cabinets They have a characteristic that breakdown grime that has collected for some time on the surface.

Interior Cleanup

Before commencing any interior cleaning do remove all contents from within each cabinet as well as any torn or discolored shelf lining. If there are a lot of crumbs and residue it may be a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner prior to beginning the wiping down process. Do wash the interiors using only warm water and some mild detergent. Rinse using a clean damp cloth and then wipe dry.  Make sure that there is no left over water or moisture on each cabinet surface.