Entertainment Center Suggestions for Limited Spaces

Usually, entertainment centers are fairly large and designed to fit in large rooms. Known for storing and displaying TVs as well as other audio-visual components. However, for smaller rooms they tend to cramp what little space is available. If you plan to install an entertainment center but have limited space, here are some recommendations.

Corner Cabinets

Custom entertainment center Rogers Minnesota specialists recommend corner cabinets as an alternative to a traditional type of entertainment center. The cabinet tucks very neatly into just one corner of the room and takes very little space to boot. It can be customized to ensure correct specifications for the available space. It would possess a large top shelf that displays the TV while the bottom areas will hold different components.

Console Suggestions

These can be found in many living rooms, dining spaces and other rooms where you need more storage. If you have a small space this can be used as well. Consoles are usually short and long, placing the TV low to the ground. It features storage spaces and shelves inside with doors on the front. Do look for styles that feature sliding doors or those that swing open.  Cabinetmaker Edina Minnesota  experts can customize one for you based on your needs and budget.  The great thing about console cabinets is that they offer a lot of storage options without having to take up a lot of space in the process.

Glass and Metal Options

Glass and metal can be a good alternative as well for smaller rooms. They feature lighter colors and alternate construction which tend to open up the room making it look bigger than it normally is.  Glass shelving could sit on a metal frame in order to give you more room to store and showcase different items.  Glass also tends to pick up natural light, which gives the room a lighter and fresher look. The downside to these materials is they are more expensive than wood or laminate.