DMC Foundation was formed in 1975 as a not for profit organization. It began as an extension of Doctors Medical Center, a sustainable means to provide health education programs throughout the Modesto area. In our 35 years we have evolved and now serve well over 50,000 residents within Stanislaus County as well as the outlying areas and are no longer an extension of DMC Hospital. However, our focus remains the same. We exist to "promote health through education." DMC Foundation believes that the best way to maintain good health from generation to generation is to educate people. Our programs are essential to the community because they work to teach people how to take care of themselves and others.

We have Diabetes Health Services to teach those struggling with diabetes how to monitor the disease and maintain the best health possible. Our program director goes out to local schools to prescreen students and inform them about the disease including the best methods of prevention.

Kids Works is our puppet-based program. Our puppeteers have a lot of fun sharing health and safety tips with school-aged children at assemblies all over the county. The life-sized puppets present important messages to over 35,000 students each year. Our Fresh Outdoors project also works to keep kids safe and healthy by creating non-smoking public areas to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. This program is funded by the California Department of Public Health. MoMobile, our mobile outreach clinic, provides medical care to those who live in remote or under served areas of the county where transportation and access to health care prevents many children from seeing a doctor.

We also maintain several programs specifically for seniors. The Retired & Senior Volunteer (RSVP) program of Stanislaus County is a wonderful program pairing seniors up with other seniors who might benefit from friendly visits to transportation services. Mileage Reimbursements are available. Another program at the core of our existence is Miller's Place, our Alzheimer's Day Care & Adult Day Health Care resource centers. Miller's Place makes it possible for care givers to work during the day while their mentally fragile loved ones are well taken care of, not neglected at home or left at a convalescent home.

Alzheimer's is an often overlooked disease that plagues millions. Statistics show that roughly five million Americans have been diagnosed with the disease, known to be the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. One in seven people will be affected by Alzheimer's. Someone new is diagnosed every seventy seconds.

We are proud to be the only licensed facility in Central California.
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